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Use IxorDocs to easily send documents through Peppol.

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Send invoices according to the PEPPOL standard.

As a certified Peppol Access Point, IxorDocs offers you the possibility to connect to the Peppol network. This allows you to easily send invoices and credit notes to all companies and governments in Belgium and abroad.

‍Wouldyou like tosend Peppol invoices and integrate them with your ERP?
Book a no-obligation demo to use our e-invoicing portal. This way you send your Peppol invoices in an easy and affordable way. You can start from €41 per month.

Offer Peppol within your own invoicing software or ERP?
Integrate with our Peppol Connector API to offer Peppol to your customers. Contact us for the possibilities.

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Integrate with your ERP or accounting software

Want to sendmore than 30 invoices per month via Peppol and want an easy integration with your existing invoicing system? With the IxorDocs e-invoicing portal you can get started immediately from €41 per month.

Are you still looking for a cheaper and simpler solution? Then register for free for our prepaid peppol platform.

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More than 600 companies send Peppol invoices with IxorDocs

Some of our customers

Els Schellens

"Through the IxorDocs portal, we send credit notes and invoices in an easy and automatic way through Peppol."

Kathleen Kets
Process Owner Invoicing at Securex

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From Breda

Our technologies
cloud and artificial intelligence

Cloud native development

Cloud native development

IxorDocs runs in the Amazon AWS Cloud. This means that we can scale our solution almost infinitely.

Your documents are processed in accordance with the GDPR rules.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

IxorDocs uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimize document flows, and to quickly read and interpret documents.

Manual interventions and repetitive actions are reduced to a minimum by machine learning models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peppol?

Peppol is a secure, international network that allows companies to exchange trade documents electronically with anyone registered in the network. Peppol stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line.

Why use Peppol e-invoicing?

By using Peppol e-invoicing and connecting to the Peppol network via an Access Point, you automatically connect to every other buyer and supplier registered in the network. This makes it much easier to automate invoice processing with all your business partners.

What is a Peppol ID?

The Peppol ID is a unique number combination just like your phone number in the telecom network. It consists of a scheme ID (country code) and participant ID (organization number). In Belgium mainly the KBO number is used as the organization number, in the Netherlands the KVK number.

For example, Ixor's Peppol ID is 0208:0478493179

Receive your company's Peppol ID by registering here.

What is a Peppol Access Point?

As the name suggests, a Peppol Access Point is your gateway to the Peppol network. It's usually a service you purchase from a service provider, such as IxorDocs (a certified Peppol Access Point). Through the network, organizations can send and receive electronic documents, such as e-invoices, in a standardized format.

How do I connect my organization to the IxorDocs Peppol Access Point?

This is very simple! Create an IxorDocs account through this link and we will do the rest. You buy credits online and send invoices. If you want to send large numbers of documents monthly directly from your ERP system you can use our API. If you would like more information, schedule a meeting via this link.

Why should I use IxorDocs?

Through IxorDocs you get easy access to the Peppol network. You can quickly and securely send your invoices and credit notes in the Peppol format to all Peppol registered companies and governments in Belgium and abroad. In addition, through IxorDocs you can receive incoming invoices automatically in your ERP package. 

IxorDocs offers a simple and affordable API and web application tailored to any business.

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